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Homeowner/Premises Liability

Serious injury can be caused by negligence or carelessness in private spaces too. Accidents can happen in lots of places – even in the homes of your friends and neighbors. If you slip on a neighbor’s icy front steps or your child becomes injured at one of their friends’ homes, you may be eligible for compensation from the homeowner or their insurance company for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses.

Property liability is not clear-cut, so retain an attorney to help investigate your circumstances.

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Homeowner’s insurance covers many types of accidents, especially if the accident was caused by negligence, carelessness, or unnecessarily dangerous circumstances the homeowner failed to prevent. Some of these circumstances could include:

• Falls that occur because of improper or untimely removal of ice and snow
• Accidents that occur in or around swimming pools or hot tubs
• Incidents that could be attributed to improper or non-functioning lighting

Brennan Gott Law can help you recover compensation for your injuries.
If you or a family member have been injured on private property because of the property owner’s negligence or carelessness, contact our office immediately. We know how to build a case to make sure that you and your family receive fair compensation in the most difficult of circumstances.

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