Nursing Home Negligence

Troy H. Gott

Falls, bedsores, medication errors, malnutrition, abuse and neglect are among the violations that nursing home patients and their families can face daily. Lack of adequate fall precautions can cause a fall that results in a broken hip or a head injury. Substandard care can cause chronic infections. Inattention by staff often leads to dangerous dehydration and malnutrition or horrific bed sores which cause elderly residents needless pain and suffering. Care provided by untrained or unqualified staff can result in life-threatening medication errors or delayed treatment of an emergency condition.

More falls are reported in nursing homes than in any other senior living facility. Patients often experience multiple falls, and many fall injuries occur among non-ambulatory residents. Some fall result in death. Elderly people are more likely to have dangerous falls; that is why nursing homes are expected to prevent falls when possible.

How can some of these tragic incidents be eliminated?

  • Adequate staffing and supervision
  • Safety equipment
  • Proper medical care
  • Proper staff training
  • A clean and uncluttered facility

Elderly residents are vulnerable to unnecessary use of restraints, incidents of physical or sexual abuse, and theft of personal property. As the resident population in elder care facilities grows, the need for caring, competent nurses and aides grows. In facilities where low wages and high turnover rates are issues, residents are more apt to become victims of abuse and neglect. Since many elderly residents are unable to help themselves, it is imperative that family members and friends are always mindful of possible abuse and neglect situations.

If you suspect a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse and/or suffered a serious injury or wrongful death, talk to a lawyer at Brennan Gott Law about the circumstances. We will help you determine what you should do.